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We are a family-owned company that, year after year and generation after generation have engaged in the sea transportation of passengers.


The regular motorboat service for passengers starts

Juan Isturiz starts the regular motorboat service for passengers to the Island of Santa Clara with the Belmonte vessel with 8.30 m in length and a displacement of almost 4 tonnes.


Belmonte II

Julian builts The Belmonte II with 9.15 m in length, doubling the passenger capacity of the Belmonte I


Aitona Julian

Angel Isturiz, following his father’s legacy, builts the legendary “Aitona Julian”, with 12.50 m in length and a capacity for 98 passengers. In these years the fleet was made up of 6 boats, in the picture from left to right: Virgen del Carmen, Ntra Sra del Carmen, Belmonte II, Aitona Julian, Alkartasuna y Biona.


Polyester passenger boat

The first polyester passenger boat, The Antxeta, with a displacement of 18tn., is the boat with the biggest measurements so far.


Gure aitona Angel

Gure Aitona Angel is included in the fleet, 14 m in length and with underwater vision since it has 2 large pieces of glass built in to the bottom of the boat that allow the enjoyment of the seafloor.


Aitona Julian II

Angel orders the construction of the Aitona Julian II. It is a boat of big measurements and stability, with underwater vision, 2 propelling machines and capable of carrying 140 passengers, thus becoming the boat with the biggest capacity in the history of the motorboats of the island of Santa Clara.

aupa aitatxo

Angel Isturiz

"Thanks dad for instilling in us your passion for the sea. You will allways be with us doing trips to the island"

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